I’ve been asked about testing by someone new, so I thought going through my process would be good.

I’m testing Pull Request #117.

The first thing I did is review the pull request and make sure I know what the new feature is. I review the entire pull request each time I test.

The next thing I did was to write a test plan while I went through it. That test plan has it’s own pull request now and I pull it and go through the checklist as I go.

I make any notes when the program behaves differently then I expected.

Here’s where I get the code to test. I go to the actual pull request – this one is 117, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a green github icon that says “All Checks have passed” On the right is blue there is a “Show all checks”. Click that and you’ll see a AppVeyor build succeeded, and in blue “Details” on the right. Click “Details”.

An AppVeyor page opens, that has information including the application name “OpenLiveWriter”, and a short description. On the right, you will see Console Messages Tests and Artifacts. You’ll need to click on “ARTIFACTS”.

When you do, you’ll see a file name list. You need to download and run the Releases\OpenLiveWriterSetup.exe.

When you run it, you may get some messages from Windows saying that the program might not be safe, ignore them.

OpenLiveWriter should open. The first thing you should do to determine that you have the right version, look for the new feature it should be there.

Since I have already started this test, the first thing I did was to check the issue that was bothering me. It’s resolved so I’ve let a comment for the author. The next thing I’ll do is a full test of the feature.

Finally I’ll go through the app like I normally would to make sure nothing is broken. Using my testplan checklists of course.

I might even though through the entire program and make sure nothing has changed. In fact, I probably will.