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How to become a Open Live Writer Contributor

  • Set up a blog, several are suitable, see our documentation.
  • Download and install Open Live Writer
  • Use it to create a few blog posts
  • Join us in -
  • Go through the issues, both open and closed. That will give you an idea about what our user base cares about, and what features we have implemented so far
  • Now that you are familar with the issues, start answering new issues, and requesting information needed to solve the problem. Duplicates are easy to resolve
  • Start reading the code, there are directions in the
  • Fill out an application and indicate what project you would like to contribute to. There are suggestions below, but we are open to other suggestions.

Project Ideas

These are all popularly requested features.

  • Portable version

    This would involve a fork of OpenLiveWriter so that it could run on a thumbdrive or similar device, allowing the user to use someone else's computer without modifying it. See

  • Improve picture service by including more picture services such as Photobucket
  • Improve Video service.

    There are currently several issues dealing with Video support that are outstanding. Picking one or more would improve OpenLiveWriter. They include:

    • Restore functionality where YouTube videos can be pasted in.
    • Restore functionality where YouTube videos can be included.
    • Add functionality so that videos from other services can in included.
  • Allowing other languages to be used (culturalization)

    Another former feature, requested frequently

    Writer has already been translated into 68 different languages, but right now only supports English! Your job would involve writing or integrating a tool to compile all the different translations of the Writer user interface from into a separate DLL. This separate DLL would then be loaded by the .NET ResourceManager. An overview of this topic is available on MSDN.